PapiDrive Відгуки

Overly Simplistic

This game has absolutely no appeal whatsoever. There's no music, the few sound effects in the game are flawed (you can hear background noise cut in and out for the burger sound effect) and the gameplay is stupidly simple and uninspired. To be frank, I'd be surprised if they spent more than a day making this game. There are loads of free web and Mac games you can play that blow PapiDrive away, so you ought to do that instead!


Who doesn't like papi???



its good…if u have absolutely nothing better to do

this game is good for someone who wants a really really really simple game. its almost too simple. all u do is drag the cursor. i think they need to add to it. put some more obstacles in. different levels. some more challenges. with a game like this, its so easy that its almost not fun because its SOOO FREKIN easy. idk thats just my thought but seriously they need to make some changes. its just ok….

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo fun and freeeee! Tis a perfict mix!

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